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Sunday, August 02, 2015
Ag Solutions by E-Markets

Visit the CINCH Customer Information page to view the new CINCH Agri-Suite FAQ Section. 

E-Markets is now a Cultura Technologies company!  

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E-Markets: The 1st Company to Offer Web-Based Ag Solutions

Developed out of lifelong experiences of growing up on farms then working in agribusinesses, the E-Markets team identified a need in the industry and delivered agribusinesses’ first web-based agricultural input ordering system in 1997. 

Today, E-Markets’ agribusiness software solutions are delivered in the cloud or on premise and offer a wide variety of business management tools for Ag Retailers; Grain Handlers and Merchandisers; Grain and Food Processors; Ethanol Manufacturers; and Seed Companies. 

Let E-Markets, the pioneer in delivering solutions to agribusiness, show you the value of an organization who lives, loves and knows agriculture + technology.

Agribusiness Solutions Powered by E-Markets

Agribusiness solutions powered by E-Markets include:

 AgContract®buyer driven procurement solution

CINCH® Agri-Suite accounting and operational solution for ag retailers, cooperatives, processors and seed companies

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) for agribusiness

Decision Rules for Contracts®(DRC) commodity pricing tools for producers

Intellego® accounting and operational solution for ethanol manufacturers

Insightweb-based business intelligence dashboard

NetOrdercloud based supply chain management solution for seed and chemical manufacturers

NetPlot® cloud based plot management tool

AgU seed ordering portal for ag retailers

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